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卓越した知恵と技術によってBoil’sは支えられています。The knowledge and skills of our staff make Boil`s possible.

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Jun Ishii石井 順

気さくな人柄で慕われる幅広いコミュニケーションから生まれる刺激は料理に対する意識に大きな影響を与えています。 Born and raised in Tokyo, Head Chef Jun Ishii has worked at the Hilton Tokyo Bay, Park Hyatt Tokyo, The Peninsula Tokyo and the Hyatt Regency Hakone. With many years of experience working at 5 star hotels, he has cooked for many celebrities from Japan and abroad. He is a professional who continues to search for new tastes. His keen interest in surf fishing led to a meeting with DUO CEO Masahiro Adachi. Their shared interest in fishing and fine food led to the creation of Boil`s. Jun`s inner motivation comes from his interaction with different people which leads to a greater awareness of cuisine and tastes that people have.