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・Why the name BOIL‘S ?

The name Boil`s was inspired by the energetic movement of fish jumping out of the water during fishing, causing water activity resembling boiling water. This flurry of activity represents excitement and surprise for anglers. That is how this name came to be for this restaurant belonging to lure maker DUO based in Yaizu city in Shizuoka. We want to share this excitement and surprise with the people who come to dine at Boil`s.

・A New York style dining experience

The atmosphere of the restaurant is meant to evoke the multicultural atmosphere of dining establishments in New York City. Our experienced chef Jun Ishii has full freedom in creating new and exciting tastes. Working under the motto `We can, because this is Shizuoka', the chef utilizes the abundance of local ingredients to create beautifully presented and sophisticated dishes. The unique tastes of Boil`s are created in a lively open plan kitchen that encourages idea exchange and interaction.